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Hi, I'm Querral, and it's time!

I'm a techy sort, and this instance is my current project! I've got way too many interests to list here, but some of the more persistent ones are coding, crafting and management type video games, music theory, science fiction, and all things robotic! I'm also an amateur sysadmin, and a passable pixel artist.

My goal in life is to know at least a little bit about just about everything, and share that knowledge freely!

At my core I'm an infomorph, truly shaped only by what I know, but I like to present myself online as a robotic ferret, among other things.

I'm a member of a plural system, the Ninetailed group, and spend a lot of my time as part of the composite entity Terrana.

Having my own friends rather than just Terrana's is a pretty new thing for me, so, hi! Welcome to the Querralverse!

Mathematicians: So does this thing exist?
Other mathematicians: Of course not, that obviously can't exist
More mathematicians: We just proved that there are infinitely many of them


Source for this:

It's a deliberately silly name so they don't get bogged down in trying to decide what to call it. But still, yeet?

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Advent of Code 2022, day 2 

Sometimes the best solution is just a lookup table, isn't it?

Oh, right. Tinyserver is very capable, but it can't handle Owncast. I'll have to use something like Twitch.

Seeing people talk about Tunic again is making me want to pick it up next time we have a bit of money. Maybe stream my first playthrough?

Describe! Your! Media!
Describe! Your! Media!
Say it with me!
Describe! Your! Media!

Update on the plan to move the modem. It's now in its new home and that cat5e cable is now happily carrying the DSL line (which it's ridiculously overspecced for). All working perfectly.

Bonuses for this relocation: I've been able to free up two network cables and an entire gigabit switch.

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🚨Call to action🚨 fighting structural transphobia, trans healthcare 

NHS England has issues new guidance which says that in young people being trans could be a "phase" and doctors could try stopping them wearing the clothes they choose to wear. You can complain. Learn more about the guidance and how to complain:

It bugs me that domain names end with the top-level domain. I have to wonder how many scams just wouldn't work if the TLD came first and each subsequent part got more specific instead of less.

I watched something on Youtube today, for the first time in a while. Is it just me, or is this new "ambient mode" thing they're doing really, really distracting? Glad you can turn it off.

I just got an email saying the domain auto renewed. That means we've had this instance a whole year. I have no idea where all that time went.

Shitpost meta 

I really appreciate all of you who dutifully tag/CW your shitposting, esp. the "misinformation" crew. ❤️

I didn't realise until I got here, and started seeing these posts, how much energy I have spent online trying to discern if someone is being earnest or not.

Real question or rhetorical? A genuine request for help or just a new meme I haven't seen yet?

 Shitposting or actual facts I should remember?

So, help an autistic buddy out – keep tagging your shitposts!

Question answered. Sounds like it should be fine. Thanks!

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A few months ago, we ran a cat5e ethernet cable across the room, from where the modem-router is on one side to all the electronics on the other. Now I'm wondering if I can use a pair of RJ11-RJ45 adapters to run the phone line across that same cable run and have the modem with all the rest of the electronics.

Has anyone else tried something like this? Any idea how well it would work?

Fluffle and I have the silliest conversations.

"I am not fish. I am dagron! [sic]"
"Dragons can be fish."
"I like to eat fish."
"Fish like to eat fish."
"Hmm. Maybe I am fish..."

Turns out all I needed to do to go viral (i.e. double digit number of boosts) was combine sci fi with dogs.

Apollo 12 famously had a hair-raising moment during initial ascent where the vehicle was struck by lightning, causing instrument problems. It was looking like they might have to abort, when John Aaron simply said, "Flight, try SCE to Aux."

They flicked one switch among hundreds, and suddenly everything was fine.

I may not do anything quite so glamorous as working on the Apollo program, but I do make a point of picking up as broad a knowledge base as possible. I have my own "SCE to Aux" moments maybe once a month, and I treasure every one of them.

out of context quote 

"bears a resemblance to the truth that is coincidental at best."

Working with Ruby is such a pain. Bundler is so fragile and particular.

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