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Hi, I'm Querral, and it's time!

I'm a techy sort, and this instance is my current project! I've got way too many interests to list here, but some of the more persistent ones are coding, crafting and management type video games, music theory, science fiction, and all things robotic! I'm also an amateur sysadmin, and a passable pixel artist.

My goal in life is to know at least a little bit about just about everything, and share that knowledge freely!

At my core I'm an infomorph, truly shaped only by what I know, but I like to present myself online as a robotic ferret, among other things.

I'm a member of a plural system, the Ninetailed group, and spend a lot of my time as part of the composite entity Terrana.

Having my own friends rather than just Terrana's is a pretty new thing for me, so, hi! Welcome to the Querralverse!

Heat pumps are amazing. I wonder if you could get a compressor small and efficient enough to run refrigerant around a vest to keep people cool and vent waste heat through a backpack radiator. Getting it light enough would be a problem. So would power. I wonder if you could run the compressor off of walking motions somehow.

song lyrics 

🎵 I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be
Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher 🎵

Oh, that's a thought. It's quite hot in here. Maybe the box was downclocking the CPU for thermal management and that wasn't getting reflected in the raw percentages? I'll have to look into how that's represented and if I can log it happening.

Also, plural bonus! Did you notice the three times Siburis dropped a comment in? She has quite a distinctive laugh, but of course you wouldn't have heard it before.

Honestly not sure what the problem is. CPU use on the transcoding box never went above 80%, upstream bandwidth should be good for twice what I was pushing. Seriously considering just using a commercial streaming platform next time.

Well, that was certainly a thing! Actually had a nonzero number of people show up. I'm going to see if I can diagnose and fix the buffering issues for next time.

I think Fluffle's unexpected appearance added a lot to the commentary, and I'm likely to invite her if I do this again next week.

I'm (probably) going to be streaming Satisfactory in about two hours at around 18:00 UTC. Come and watch! It'll be a disaster, but hopefully an entertaining disaster.

How about Wednesday, then? Would folks be interested if I did a stream thing with Satisfactory on Wednesday at, say, 18:00 UTC or so?

A few years ago, we switched our web server from Apache to Nginx. I'm not really sure why now. It's not like it's significantly less annoying to configure, and we don't need the scale.


Why reverse proxy and not yxorp?

Okay. Owncast looks like it's going to work. Video stream is properly configured now, chat is working, nothing obviously amiss. Going to hopefully try this some time in the next week, but not today.

And that's Owncast working. Looks like about 10-20 seconds of latency, which is pretty good.

Working on some stream related technical gubbins. Twitch works, so that's a fallback option. Owncast is giving me a bit of trouble with video quality.

The original Spyro really has aged very well. The main thing that gives it away as being 24 years old is the lack of antialiasing imposed by the Playstation hardware.

My ability to find obscure things on the Internet remains undiminished! *preen*

Want to try setting up GoToSocial, but too many other, more important things to spend limited energy on.

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