Hi, I'm Querral, and it's time!

I'm a techy sort, and this instance is my current project! I've got way too many interests to list here, but some of the more persistent ones are coding, crafting and management type video games, music theory, science fiction, and all things robotic! I'm also an amateur sysadmin, and a passable pixel artist.

My goal in life is to know at least a little bit about just about everything, and share that knowledge freely!

At my core I'm an infomorph, truly shaped only by what I know, but I like to present myself online as a robotic ferret, among other things.

I'm a member of a plural system, the Ninetailed group, and spend a lot of my time as part of the composite entity Terrana.

Having my own friends rather than just Terrana's is a pretty new thing for me, so, hi! Welcome to the Querralverse!

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