Honestly not sure what the problem is. CPU use on the transcoding box never went above 80%, upstream bandwidth should be good for twice what I was pushing. Seriously considering just using a commercial streaming platform next time.

@Querral CPU usage around 80% *could* mean "three of four cores maxed out and this software isn't coded well enough to make good use of more than three cores", though.

@Hearth Maybe. It's using fumpegg behind the scenes. I'll have to run a test stream and see what it's doing.

@Querral Though when we encounter issues like that it's usually single-threaded software that can only make good use of one core, or software that uses that absurd license model where you have to pay them more if you want the version of their software that can use four threads instead of two

@Querral I was trying to figure out if our end was having any trouble, but I'm a bit short on diagnostics. The quality mostly looked very good, and the one patch we had where it went to potato was about as stuttery as the high res stuff. As far as I can tell, it was only coming up to about 20:30 that our end started playing up, and it often does seem to complain at about that time of the evening.

It was nice not having to put up with Twitch's nonsense, it's a shame it didn't seem work brilliantly.

@fudge_the_sphinx I'm not ready to give up on it just yet! I'll run a few test streams and see if I can get it going more smoothly for next week.

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