Apollo 12 famously had a hair-raising moment during initial ascent where the vehicle was struck by lightning, causing instrument problems. It was looking like they might have to abort, when John Aaron simply said, "Flight, try SCE to Aux."

They flicked one switch among hundreds, and suddenly everything was fine.

I may not do anything quite so glamorous as working on the Apollo program, but I do make a point of picking up as broad a knowledge base as possible. I have my own "SCE to Aux" moments maybe once a month, and I treasure every one of them.

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@Querral I'm curious now, what did the SCE to Aux switch do?

@Hearth It switched the Signal Conditioning Equipment to its auxiliary power supply. The primary had been disrupted by the lightning strike, causing the SCE to make the telemetry messier rather than cleaning it up like it was supposed to.

This is exactly what the auxiliary supply was there for.

@Querral Aha! That makes sense. I figured it was something like that, but didn't know what SCE stood for.

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