Hyperphantasia is a useful superpower. Unfortunately, it's so broadly useful to what I do that I can't teach most of my other "superpower" skills to anyone who doesn't have it. I've tried.

It's kind of mindblowing that I can fit my entire music collection onto a storage device so physically tiny that it's actually kind of fiddly getting it back out of the USB port.

The SLS is having a problem and it will not go to space today.

In the word puzzle I'm doing, I had to unscramble the word Overcome. The scrambled version started with the letters V E O, which made me smile and think of @vicorva.

@Kayama @terrana I have some ideas on that front, but I'm way too sleepy to type them all out right now, so for now I'll just say it probably boils down to anxiety and expertise and we can talk about it in more detail tomorrow.

@socks It depends! I have known people variously called John, Jon, Jonathan, and Johnathan.

@Hearth @fudge_the_sphinx A quick search suggests they use simple ventilation fans, chemical cool packs, or dry ice.

Heat pumps are amazing. I wonder if you could get a compressor small and efficient enough to run refrigerant around a vest to keep people cool and vent waste heat through a backpack radiator. Getting it light enough would be a problem. So would power. I wonder if you could run the compressor off of walking motions somehow.

song lyrics 

🎵 I wanna fly high
So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
Somebody will be
Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher 🎵

@fudge_the_sphinx I'm not ready to give up on it just yet! I'll run a few test streams and see if I can get it going more smoothly for next week.

Oh, that's a thought. It's quite hot in here. Maybe the box was downclocking the CPU for thermal management and that wasn't getting reflected in the raw percentages? I'll have to look into how that's represented and if I can log it happening.

@Hearth Maybe. It's using fumpegg behind the scenes. I'll have to run a test stream and see what it's doing.

Also, plural bonus! Did you notice the three times Siburis dropped a comment in? She has quite a distinctive laugh, but of course you wouldn't have heard it before.

@fudge_the_sphinx I'm glad! You were the only ones watching for at least half of the time we ran for.

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