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Working on some stream related technical gubbins. Twitch works, so that's a fallback option. Owncast is giving me a bit of trouble with video quality.

The original Spyro really has aged very well. The main thing that gives it away as being 24 years old is the lack of antialiasing imposed by the Playstation hardware.

My ability to find obscure things on the Internet remains undiminished! *preen*

Want to try setting up GoToSocial, but too many other, more important things to spend limited energy on.

Really, though, everything in computers is just numbers. Sometimes incomprehensibly huge numbers, so big you need scientific notation just to describe how many digits they have, but numbers nonetheless.

It always seems odd to me that, by convention, IPv4 addresses are represented by decimal numbers and IPv6 by hexadecimal. Pretty much no one would recognize c0a80101, but a decent minority would know their home router is at, despite the two being exactly equivalent.

Or you could say it's 3232235777 and get the worst of both worlds.

Yeah, streaming isn't happening this week. Too tired.

And the winner is Satisfactory, apparently! No guarantee that's what I'll actually stream, but it's a pretty clear favourite.

I think I've got my shortlist of buildy games. So if I do this streaming thing (date and time TBA pending spoon budget), what would you like to see?

I think I've got my shortlist of buildy games. So if I do this streaming thing (date and time TBA pending spoon budget), what would you like to see?

Okay, looks like Owncast is probably going to work. Guess now I just have to find a day when I have a few free spoons and see what I feel like playing.

Hmm. Owncast is single-user. Could be an issue for folks I'm hosting for if I switch over to that and retire the Apparatus.

Okay, so Peertube does do live streaming, but it doesn't seem to have real-time chat, which is something I want. Which makes sense, it's a fedi thing.

Maybe I'll try it this week if I can dredge up the spoons. Something buildy like Satisfactory or Subnautica.

Not sure where I'd host it. Twitch is... not good. I do still have the Apparatus set up but it's janky and unreliable as hell. Owncast maybe? I also hear Peertube does streaming now?

I've been really enjoying V's twice-weekly game streams, and I think I'd like to do something similar. Unfortunately, we're just perpetually out of energy recently.

Despite having grown up in the 16 bit era, it still kind of blows my mind that it used to be considered entirely normal to swap games on those old consoles by literally installing an expansion card into the system, sometimes complex enough to border on being a full daughterboard.


If you're following this year, the bridge I set up a couple of years ago to present the schedule in subscribable iCal format is still working. It uses their official API and supplies information that isn't on the web page, like the runners' pronouns.

Source code is still in the usual place if you're interested:
And the version I'm hosting is still up:

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