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I still can't quite believe that the same studio that gave us Star Control and Star Control 2 would later go on to make Skylanders of all things.

Plurality makes no sense sometimes. I'm currently the only member of my system that doesn't have a headache.

I think it's kind of funny how I share my name with a fictional species.

Years ago, Terrana created the Starship Game and its setting. When we started separating out and trying to exist as a system rather than a composite singlet, I picked the name we used for the space weasels in that.

Now we're writing a novel(?) in that same setting, and just never changed the name of the species.

We have also heard from a reputable source that they may do this all through the town. More on this as it develops.

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It has been brought to our attention that the wheels on the bus go round and round. There are some indications that they may do this all day long.

I think it's a real shame that OpenID seems to have largely died.

Getting increasingly interested in GoToSocial. I think it's almost at the point where I'd like to try it.

Ninespace is a much snappier name to put as the site name than I suppose I am in a position to decide such things. Very well, Ninespace it is!

Love to see the sidekiq queues drop to 0 now that ninespace is settled on the new box.

Feed43 seems to have completely died now. Might need to hack together a replacement.

I can tell exactly when I took ninespace down for maintenance. That's when the earliest of the randomly-ordered messages on my timeline are timestamped from.

This isn't ideal in one sense. All our eggs are very much in one basket now. I've mitigated the risk of that with offsite backups, but it's still going to mean everything goes down if tinyserver fails. Same for our (usually very reliable) home internet connection.

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Just spent a few of our very limited spoons to move a VPS service to tinyserver. That saves another £5 per month.

It's still utterly bizarre that I'm the only member of the system with a stutter.

tech moaning 

I like having my own Nextcloud instance, but why, why, did it have to be PHP?

As soon as I saw the voltage undersupply message in the logs, my immediate thought was, "Houston, we've had a problem. We have a Bus B undervolt..."

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So, that attempt revealed two things: the tiny computer needs a heat sink and a better power supply. This is okay. If it works, the parts will pay for themselves in 1.7 months of saved electricity.

For a brief, glorious moment, Nextcloud was working. Then the tinycomputer overheated and went into a boot loop. Sigh.

Me: "This computer needs a hostname so it can play nice on the network. Any ideas?"
Archadia: "Quantum tesseract computational manifold!"
Me: "Tesseract it is, then!"

Also, just so there's no confusion, the tinycomputer is a Raspberry Pi and not @digitalfox.

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