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Just got my new picture from @Hexephre!

(Image CWs: furry art, eye contact)

Still riding that high. Quoting a friend, icon euphoria is such a thing.

Yes, I have a rather masc presentation. Yes, I'm still female and my pronouns are still she/her.

Just got my new picture from @Hexephre!

(Image CWs: furry art, eye contact)

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How long have you been on #Mastodon or the #fediverse?

I have a bad habit of looking up people who have hurt me/us in the past to "keep an eye on them." This isn't healthy and I should stop doing it.

Hex just showed me the first sketch. This picture is looking good already.

Taking no small amount of pleasure from witnessing the ongoing cryptopocalypse.

Been playing Streets of Rogue. Feels very validating that I'm a lot better at it than Terrana is.

I unironically enjoy listening to Dragonforce. Found my CD copy of Valley of the Damned and am taking full advantage.

I think, once we have a bit of money again, I'd like to find an artist who does pretty dragons and get a profile picture made for myself. Something that's actually me and not just a character I happen to like.

I really would like to be better at art. I know the only real way to do that is practice and I'm not, but still. Idle dreams.

Is species euphoria a thing? Pretty sure that's what I'm feeling right now.

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@Siburis Back in the old days on, they used to call realizing you're a dragon your Awakening. You've had two now, twenty years apart.

self-reflection, long 

Had one of those life-changing realizations today. They're actually kind of nice when they're not happening every single fucking day any more. That "ohhh" moment when everything clicks together.

Lot of stuff that went into Terrana didn't seem to be coming from any of us, especially some of the dragonish stuff. We thought that was Nex at first, but Nex is turning out to be a different sort of critter than any of us expected.

So, got our resident archivist to review a few old memories. Old conversation Terrana had about "what I'd look like if I wasn't all white". There was a definite mental image attached to that - furred dragon, silver-grey on top, white underside. Short, curved, black horns. This freaking grin. And as soon as I saw it again, well. Click.

So, yeah. Wolfdragon. Happy with that.

Who says sabre-toothed wolves aren't a thing? There's one right here telling you otherwise.

All right, so I changed my mind. Want one of these after all.


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